University Info

GradCampus Inc. (GCI) is a leading distant education (online) platform for  students pursuing advanced degrees and graduate studies in universities and colleges around the world. GCI offers a suite of high quality and value-add curriculum to students to enhance their research (thesis, dissertation, or project) work for success. While many universities and post-secondary institutions provide graduate studies resources for students, they often don’t capture the full needs of students.

We focus and specialize in developing personalized and actionable plans to help students start their graduate studies (research or project work) and provide academic coaching, guidance, and mentorship to help them be successful in their academic scholarships.

Our mission is to provide high quality Student-centered guidance for your research;

  • When you need it,
  • Where you need it, and
  • How you need it.

We do this by leveraging our technology platform that allows us to interact, connect, and get to know our students and their research passions, which helps us to prepare and provide customized learning plans and programs for each student regardless of their location or geography.

We demonstrate this through our commitment to the scholarship of teaching, learning, and active student participation in our learner-centered environment.

We work with all graduate students, as we strive to create and develop a positive and better learning experience through collaboration, participation, partnership, and leadership in all spheres of the scholarship engagements.

We provide;

  • Quality and program/curriculum discipline designed for student success
  • Action-based learning
  • Practical guidance and support

Our team is;

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in academic research (applied or scientific research), practical application (project work)
  • Experienced academics and management professionals in both private and public sectors
  • Student independent, focused, and
  • Driven to achieve outstanding student satisfaction and success.