Strategic Planning

We combine extensive practical management experience with proven methodologies to create practical and customized approaches to help each student address their research or project work needs. Our approach often includes several areas:

Assess student’s situation: Where are you in your graduate or post-graduate studies?

  • Discuss passion/interests and what you intend to research on
  • Help you define the problem statement and research question
  • Review/Define goals & drivers for your research/project
  • The relevancy and significance for the research/project
  • Assess student effectiveness for the research/ project
  • Review university and student timelines to establish a research/project plan
  • Assess research/project with university/college timelines
  • Determine student’s plan for the research/project work: How to go about your research/project work?
  • Provide guidance and strategies to ascertain information about the chosen topic- for literature review
  • Provide advice on how to map out areas for annotated bibliography
  • Provide guidance on coordinating and combining students coursework with project work, thesis, or dissertation
  • Develop your research/ project work outline (table of contents). How do you get there?
  • Work with students on a realistic thesis, dissertation, project work outline with table of contents
  • Determine appropriate methodologies for the research/project work
  • Determine tools for field work and data collection
  • Determine content for oral defence and presentation
  • So no matter where you are starting from or where you are in your grad studies, there is something here for you, and we want to help you advance that academic dream.