All fees are charged in Canadian currency. Each component of our curriculum is charged out at a rate of $50/hour for doctoral work and $40/hour for master’s work plus applicable taxes.

A deposit of $1500 for Doctoral and $1000 for Masters work is required to retain our full curriculum. This deposit appears as a credit on your first invoice.

PayPal and email money transfer payments are accepted. GCI is required to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on all services provided to students residing in Canada. Taxes are applied based on the province in which the client resides. No taxes apply to students residing outside of Canada. The amount of time to complete or spend on each curriculum depends on the amount of support a learner requires.

Here at GCI, we have quality and dedicated faculty with a passion for student success and desire to work with each student based on where they are at in their graduate studies and a good grasp of material at that level. We usually know more about how long it will take to complete each course once we know your story, level, and work.

Terms and Conditions

Students desiring to work with GCI are required to complete and submit our online form. Once received, our office will schedule either a phone call or initiate an email discussion with you to discuss your request or requirements and answer any questions you may have. A summary of notes and action items from the initial meeting will be sent to you along with a student information sheet to complete. Students need to reply to that first email message stating that they have read and accept all terms and conditions. The student information sheet should be returned at the same time. GCI requires a deposit to retain courses. A deposit of $1500 for Doctoral and $1000 for Masters work to retain our full curriculum. Invoices are either sent after each course has been completed or at regular intervals at the end of each month.

If you choose to cancel a course or service before completion, GCI will charge for the working hours incurred and reimburse any remaining credits. Please note that work will only commence upon receipt of the student information sheet, the deposit, and upon receiving the return email from you stating that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions. Further work will only continue if progress payments are paid when billed. GCI accept payment via PayPal or email money transfers. Please contact Kobby at kobby@gradcampus.ca if you require an alternate payment method.