Student Focused

As a small non-traditional educational center, we MUST remain student-focused and deliver excellent high value services that enhance student success and foster positive academic experience. We work
closely with our students to ensure we understand the real research or project needs, develop, and provide pragmatic recommendations and plans that are best for each student and their chosen field of


Student Independent

We do not re-market or recommend any post-secondary institution; neither do we judge any student from any university or post-secondary institution. This keeps us unbiased in helping our students achieve their graduate studies goals by making informed research and project work decisions. We focus on solving our students’ problems, not marketing any particular post-secondary institution or particular research philosophy.

Experienced Faculty

Our senior-level faculty members have taught and provided graduate level academic advice/guidance to many students around the world. We understand what it takes to be successful in graduate school, manage research and project work; communicate well across broad range and diverse student populations, and provide effective academic and practical guidance to students. While our faculty have doctorate and master’s degrees, their practical experience in industry (public and private) is what sets us apart.


  • Provide high quality Student-centered guidance for your research;
    • When you need it,
    • Where you need it, and
    • How you need it.

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